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Senor Gators Back Porch BBQ
BT plating Texas-Style BBQ in Ashland Oregon
Stunning Decks over Ashland Creek Ashland Oregon

The Origins of the Back Porch Bar & Grill - 1988

In 1988, BT Collins and Beasy McMillian, originally from Texas, opened Back Porch BBQ/Senor Gators in Ashland, Oregon. The restaurant served Texas-style BBQ and Mexican cuisine and quickly became a local favorite, known for its late hours – perfect for college students attending what was then called Southern Oregon College. BT created stunning decks over the creek, and dining outside on the "Back Porch" became a beloved feature. Working alongside BT were his wife, Sue and oldest son, Blu.

Like other restaurants in Ashland, Beasy stepped back from the business shortly after opening, and BT took over ownership. Fast forward six years to 1994, when BT and Sue relocated the Back Porch to Jacksonville, Oregon, leaving behind fond memories of the previous establishment, Senor Gators. Their dedication and hard work resulted in the creation of a friendly restaurant and bar where everybody knows your name – just like Cheers.

In 2004 Blu, while now running the restaurant alongside his parents, had no idea when he interviewed a newly transplanted Californian named Jamie that five years later they would be married and four years after that, they would take the Back Porch Reins from BT & Sue. With the help of some selfless individuals, they closed down the Back Porch BBQ the night of December 31st, 2012, cleaned, painted, and made some repairs and on January 4th, 2013 they reopened as the Back Porch Bar & Grill, serving up the original Texas-style BBQ and Juicy Cowboy Burgers, but adding their own twist to the menu.

The Back Porch Bar & Grill has come a long way in these many years and hopes to be here for many more to come. The staff and customers are more like family, and the community of Jacksonville has shown immense support, especially during the recent challenging times. Running a restaurant business is no easy feat, but the ups and downs make for great stories and even better friendships.

We cherish our history, staff, food, and community and invite you to stop by, enjoy some great food, and kick off your boots and stay awhile.

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